Neighborhood Spotlight: Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Los Feliz is a beautiful and charming neighborhood south of Griffith Park and is truly a happy place to be. It’s a little over 2.5 square miles, but within Los Feliz you have several distinct sub-neighborhoods that all have slightly distinctive vibes. What I love about Los Feliz is the quaint coffee shops and restaurants, relaxed atmosphere and its central location within Los Angeles. There really isn’t any other neighborhood like it, which is exactly why this neighborhood is so special.

The districts within Los Feliz

Los Feliz consists of smaller areas that are essentially different neighborhoods. We’ll take a look at some of the main districts within Los Feliz and give you some insight into what that part of the neighborhood is like.

Los feliz districts

Los feliz districts

Los Feliz Hills

Arguably the best and overall most expensive district within Los Feliz to live in. Here you will find beautiful houses and mansions, with stunning views of Downtown Los Angeles and beyond. Los Feliz Hills is generally considered anything North of the arterial road, Los Feliz Blvd. You will find some of the most appealing Spanish style houses originally built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Homes vary drastically in terms of square footage and lot size and are being listed anywhere between $1.5M-$26M. A lot of the homes here are conveniently located walking distance to the base of Griffith Park hiking trails.



Los Feliz Estates

Los Feliz Estates is also a very affluent area with beautiful homes, however homes here are more uniform in the sense that they have similar lot sizes and the price of homes range between $2M - $4M consistently. It is also worth noting that homes here have an HOA fee of $250 (as of November 2018) and the streets going to the top of the estates can get VERY steep - so steep that its a little scary going down from the top of the cul-de-sac. I will say this though: the streets are a lot nicer and smoother around this district - probably because of the HOA fee!

The Oaks

Technically considered part of Hollywood Hills, it sits right at the edge of Griffith Park and neighbors the Los Feliz Estates. The Oaks is a secluded, quiet neighborhood with lots of windy, hilly small streets. Personally I find it a nightmare to drive around, but each street has the word ‘oak’ in it, which I find quite charming. You’ll find a huge diversity of homes here from the 1920’s Spanish Revival homes to modern day contemporary. You’ll find that homes here also range quite drastically in pricing, anywhere between $1.5M - $5M. In general homes here are more affordable (compared to Los Feliz Hills) with similar expansive views of the magnificent LA skyline.

Laughlin Park

One of the oldest gated neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it is an exclusive community of around just 60 homes - meaning you don’t get to see many homes from here listed for sale. Generally these homes are all over $3M, with a good amount being over $5M. Angelina Jolie actually lives in the most expensive and largest home this gated community, which was originally owned by (and the street named after) the late American filmmaker, Cecil B. DeMille. She bought the home for $24.5M.



Los Feliz Village

Honestly, this is where the life and activity is. It has everything from coffee shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, beauty salons - you name it. It is bordered between Vermont Ave. and Hillhurst Ave, which are essentially the two most important streets in Los Feliz because that is where everything you could need exists.

Generally homes north of Franklin Ave in Los Feliz are considered to be in a decent and conveniently located area. Anything south of Franklin Ave is a little sketchier and you start losing the charming quaint image of Los Feliz pretty quickly. If you’re young and on a budget, but want to live in a convenient location with good walkability I would highly suggest checking out Los Feliz Village.



Los Feliz Knolls

Los Feliz Knolls lies just east of Los Feliz Village and is a great district as it is conveniently located close to the village, but far enough to provide some sense of privacy. Usually homes tend to be a little more affordable here (thats a subjective term), but houses will generally be between $1M - $2M. John Marshall High School is in this district.

Franklin Hills

Franklin Hills is located south east of Los Feliz Village. The average age of its residents is 49 and approximately 58% of residents are homeowners here. The streets around Franklin Hills can be steep and windy, but it all pays off because you get some of the best views from this neighborhood. Homes here are relatively affordable (compared to say the Hills and Laughlin Park) and range between $1M - $2M.



Los Feliz: an ethnically diverse, relaxed, beautiful hillside enclave

High Walkability & Centrally located

Los Feliz truly has a lot to offer. The Los Feliz Village is considered one of LA’s most walkable commercial districts that consists of everything from bars, restaurants, bookstores, grocery stores, clothing stores to dry cleaners, theaters and hair salons. Its also in a very central location, approximately 20 minutes away from Hollywood, Glendale, Burbank, Koreatown, Downtown and Hancock Park.

Surrounded by Nature

Homes north of Los Feliz Blvd are surrounded by nature and walking distance to Griffith Park, making it a perfect neighborhood for those of you who love to hike. The views from Griffith Observatory and the hiking trails are some of the best views you can get in Los Angeles of the entire LA skyline.

Beautiful Architecture

You’ll find a huge variety of home styles in Los Feliz, as well as unique architecture designed and built by renown architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Wallace Neff, Richard Neutra, Gregory Ain and R.M. Schindler.


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